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Hepa Vacuum Lead Paint Removal System! - Paint Preparation Done Right! - Every Time!

Quality Results! - 0417327019 - 100% Chemical Free Surfaces!

Apply Your New Paint To The Original Clean Bare Natural Timber!

House Sanders! - Lead Paint Removal! - Making "Sure Paint" Lasts!

House Renovations - House Repaints - House Restorations

25 Years Experience! - Lead Paint Removal Brisbane - Quality Results! Using The Hepa Vacuum System! Control Your House's Paint Preparation Quality! Separate The Paint Removal Process From The Painters!

Vac-Sands Quality Surface Preparation Photos! Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Our Work!

Owners, Neighbors And People Walking Past Always Comment On The Quality And Level Of Our Removal!

Beware Businesses Producing Poor Quality Work! They Spend A Lot Of Money On Advertising Campaigns!

Why Pay A Painter Thousands Of Dollars! To Apply Your New Paint To Poor Quality Surface Preparation!

If You Apply Paint To Inferior Surface Preparation! Expect To Be Repainting A Lot Sooner Than You Think!

House sanding brisbane.
House sanding brisbane.
Chemical Free Vacuum Sanded.
Hardwood Weather Boards.

Original Clean Bare Smooth Timber! Free Of Chemicals! - The Best Problem Free Surface You Can Paint!

No Subcontracting Teams Used.
Personal High Quality Service.
Problem Free When You Paint.
Longer Lasting New Paintwork.
Hepa Filtered Vacuum Sanding.
Zero Chemical Vapor or Waste.
Zero Chemical Timber Damage.
Zero Chemical Residue Problems.

The Key To All Quality Work? Its The Preparation! Thats Why We Only Use The Vacuum Sanding System!

It Produces Natural Clean Bare Chemical Free Timber! - Guaranteeing You Get New Paint That Will Last!

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane
Lead Paint Removal Brisbane

Chemical Free Vacuum Sanded.

Pine Chamfer Boards.

Vac-Sand - House Sanders

Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane. Our finished timber work areas have every layer of the lead based house paint totally removed back to the original clean bare natural and 100% chemical free timber surface. Vac-Sand House Sanders provide you and your House Painters with clean smooth chemical free paint surfaces for all the new Primers and all the new Top Coats to be applied. Unlike using Messy and Hazardous Chemical Paint Strippers. Vac-Sand House Sanders System guarantees the paint being applied never has the Problematic effects of Chemical Residue left in your clean fresh timber and the need for Chemical Neatrilizers to try and remove the problem from your timber. There is nothing left in the clean natural timber provided by Vac-Sand House Sanders that can cause Problems for your Painters when they arrive to apply your houses New Paint Work. And allows you to sleep well at night knowing theres nothing to effect your paint in the future.
House Sanders Brisbane
House Sanders Brisbane

Chemical Free Vacuum Sanded.

Hardwood Weather Boards.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane

Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane. Have been providing Total House Sanding of lead based paints, chemical free, from the Interior and Exterior walls of old timber house's in and around the Brisbane area for the past 25 years. Vac-Sand House Sanders only use paint industry approved Hepa Filtered Vacuum House Sanders, for the total removal of all the lead based paints present. Vac-Sand House Sanders do not employ any contracting teams to carry out the lead based paint House Sanding process. Its all Vac-Sand House Sanders personal quality house sanding service and Vac-Sand House Sanders quality results every time. Quality unmatched by any other process.

Chemical Paint Stripper Safety Spin! - It Doesn't Match The Reality Of Its Known Risks And Side Effects!

Just Because A Chemical Paint Stripper Is Biodegradeable! It Does Not Mean The Paint Stripper Is Safe!

Using A Biodegradable Chemical Paint Stripper! It Can Still Cause Severe Skin Burn, Serious Eye Damage,

Have Inhaling Vapour Risks And Can Cause Fertility Damage! The Spin You Get Never Mentions The Risks!

A Biodegradable Paint Stripper Safety Data Sheet Example! - "May Damage Fertility Or The Unborn Child"

They Tell You That Biodegradable Chemicals Are Safe! So Why The Need For So Much Safety Protection?

Problems Using Chemical Paint Strippers - Its A Very Messy Process - The Chemicals Damage Timber

The Chemical Residue Effects The New Paint - Massive Cocktails Of Chemical /Lead Waste Are Created

When You Use Chemical Paint Strippers! - They Produce 10x The Waste Of Vacuum Sanding Removal!

Massive Amounts Of Chemical Stripper Full Of Lead! How Is That Safer And Better For the Environment?